06 April 2005

Love this pic

Random Blogs

In an attempt to get some inspiration to write, I am going to report on the next 10 blog sites which appear when I press "NEXT BLOG"

wish me luck!

Vijay Kumar Ramagiri is a fellow newbie so his one post it not a lot to go on.
Not a great start to the writing adventure

Melysa's brings us a bi-lingual site from Indonesia. The majority is, however not in English so its a little hard to judge. I like her 100 things about me comment, I would like to understand why she has a photo entitled "Korean Economy Class." This site has lots of photos so she appears to have mastered this technology - perhaps I should ask for her help!! The yellow fiat which appears below - I had hoped that this would be in my profile.

This site takes us to Belgium. Three down and no US sites - interesting. Another newbie so again I'll reserve comment.

A whole bunch of Microsoft pop up bubbles appeared when I clicked on this site which always freaks me out. Oh - way some virus thing - must upload new version of softward to continue - okay - MAYBE DON'T VISIT THAT SITE

Four down and this experiment really isn't working. It also means I have shut the previous window so it isn't exactly 10 consequetive "Next Blog" hits but we'll ignore that fact for the time being.

Where bound for Portugal with this one. A blogger since October 2004 which I think is the oldest I have come across so far. Not fluent in Portugese myself so I tried typing sociocracia (and various variations) into World Lingo's translator (http://worldlingo.com) I got .... you guess it sociocracia. I tried the title of the most recent post and got A called monstruosidade "Process Pious House"! ??????

When I clicked this site, I was first drawn to its blog which notes the dominace of white male bloggers. This is a very active site with lots of links and is powered by worldnews.com

Talk about change of speed. This next site reports it has just got a new lay out which I must admit I find a little too busy but I'm sure others will love its artistic, semi-gothic feel. The "about" link isn't much help and I am struggling to decide how to report on this one. Undergraduate poetry or someone trying to really express themselves?

Now this site is interesting. Its the blog of a Canadian guy who in currently studying Korean language in Seoul. Its worth visiting this site just for the picture of the nun (in runners) chopping wood. That reminds, must get some more interesting pictures for this site. People are so quick to judge! Korea is country I know little or nothing about and I am sure I am not alone. Remember M*A*S*H was actually filmed on a back lot in California. Lots of pictures: I think I'll keep an eye on this one. (Don't hate me because I am taken by the first site dominated by English)

My first US site - who says the internet is dominated by Americans!
Okay, first thing I have to say is I don't know how anyone can have "Garden State" and "Serendipity" both on their Favourite Movie List. I am fascinated by the American voting system so his description of the process was interesting to me. http://weretakingbetsthat.blogspot.com/2004/11/were-taking-bets-that-voting-doesnt.html
This one seems to have an active following.

This page has the subtitle: Seeking First The Kingdom of God. The meeting of religion and the internet always interests me. This an online site for a religious group that appears to meet fairly regularly. Their profile is not public so
They do, however, have a picture of a young, unknown, homeless child on their site at the moment and the posting of photos of anyone you don't know always troubles me.

Okay, so I am not a great, insightful reviewer but its interesting to see where "next" takes you. If any can explain how that button actually works, if its completely random etc I'd love to hear from you.


Agatha Sometimes

PS - I have not contacted the sites I visited to tell them about my reviews. This was not an exercise in "click whoring" as I have heard such practices called.

Link for previous post - yeah for goverment schools

Isn't it amazing what common sense can find when google fails

Here's a link regarding the report which inspired my previous post


Agatha Sometimes

Yeah for government schools!

On ABC local radio this morning (yes I know how daggy; I was listening to talk radio, oh and I just used the term "daggy" in an high-tech international setting) I heard about a researcher from (http://www.monash.edu.au) who has completed a report on the success that people who attend government schools have once they reach university, compared to their private school counter parts.

I worked at one of Melbourne's major universities for a number of years. During that time, we never had one student from a government school come before the Head of the Department for plagiarism. It was always students from private schools. When they students who did commence these offences were called before a disciplinay hearing, and arrived with lawyer Daddy in tow, we realised what made their secondary educators give them the kind of marks that would allow to gain entry to such a prestigious students, despite being only very average intelligence or skill.

If anyone knows where I can obtain a copy of the report that was talked about (I think the authors name was Ian but I really don't have any more information then that) I would really appreciate it.


Agatha Sometimes

04 April 2005

My dream car!

Lost Girl in Melbourne

The first time running a web log even occured to me was when I saw an ad for blogit.com - a site which offers writers the opportunity to publish their work on line and possibly be paid for it. After a little research I realised that statistically my chances of getting my US$12.95 per month back in "royalties" were pretty slim. I could not, however, loose the urge to start writing online.

I initially thought I would write some things straight into word, polish them into to glowing masterpieces and then them an audience. However, without the tick, tick, tick of my overpriced dial-up internet connection, I became distracted VERY easily. A brief list of some of the articles I started included

  • Oh, so that's a country: KIRIBATI
  • Cartographers for Social Justice
  • A Eulogy for My Father (who is healthier than I am)
  • Run My Life: Should I Do a Masters?
  • Quote Book Diary

Okay, so they might sound very undergraduate (as does my web log page title) but hopefully I will master this site's delete function by the time I have written something I can be a little bit proud of and this list will never been seen again.

In the meantime, I think the act of writing has value.

Unlike every other thing I have ever started on the internet, I have done absolutely no research on www.blogger.com so I am not sure whether to expect anyone to read this, but thanks for talking the time if you have.


Agatha Sometimes